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Feb 22 17

Social Media: Get Engaged!!

by Ray

Social Media is an investment of time, money and efforts that help to WOW your online customers. It is an amazing tool that makes a long-term impact on your customer’s mind. It is very much known to uncover the negativity and enable you to achieve whatever you want to. However, it only gives you results if you effectively use it. If you are new to the web world, there are so many things that might put you in a confusion but don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here in this article, you will get the answer about the things you should do while using social media for business. So, what we are waiting for? Scroll down to know more.

Know Your Customer
: Social Media is a perfect platform to identify the customer and know more about their tastes and preferences, which literally change the bond between client and customer. It gives you an opportunity to know the need of your client and to fulfill them on a timely basis.

Be Active
: Another thing you should do while using social media is always stay active and available for your clients. This is because it is the key to open the door of success and give you the results of your efforts. It makes them feel secure and helps to win their trust easily.

Complete Your Profile: Make sure your social media profile has complete information about you and your company, so it can help your customer to easily find you. It is the best way to win their confidence and make a bond with them.

Consider Timing When Posting
: For sure, you want as many, as it is possible, views and hits on your post, so you should always post after considering the right time. This is because it gives you a good opportunity to be seen by your target audience.

Use Links And Hashtags: Links are really helpful to direct traffic to your website and hashtags help to make your posts seen among more and more people. So, you should use it to get an effective result from your social media.

Make Your Content Stand Out: Yes, content is the soul of social media success, so you should write engaging, interesting and informative content and do fill it with infographics, images, videos and many more things, so it can easily capture the attention of the readers and helps your content stand out.

So, what are you waiting for? With all above tips and tricks, you become the master of social media. So start using it for your business now because it accelerates marketing and generates results.
To your success…
Ray Paolo

Feb 10 17

Getting Involved: Is This Your Year To Step Up?

by Ray

We live in interesting times. You can empower yourself in times like this by getting involved, by contributing to the environment that directly affects your business.

It’s a new year, which can mean new beginnings.
I’d like to raise your awareness of a place where you can contribute, something I don’t hear talked about much.
As entrepreneurs, we are all leaders. We have the opportunity to really change things, to make a difference in a positive and significant way.
We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can be better leaders in our businesses. We spend time and energy on it. And that’s very important.
Now, I invite you to expand your awareness of how you can be a leader by looking to the community.

Your city or town is changing. It may even be growing. Every community has the potential to be a role model of what communities can do and be. And your business is operating within that environment. It’s affected by it. You can be part of deciding how things change and grow. What better way to have impact on your business than to be a leader in the community? I’m not necessarily talking about running for mayor, city council, or the county commissioner. It doesn’t have to be big. There are many ways you can get more involved in the community and be a leader.

Here are some ideas:

Step up and offer to lead in organizations you’re already a part of: hobby groups hiking or photography, religious communities, or service organizations.
Consider joining a city or county commission or committee that covers topics that affect you and your business, like sustainability, housing, and redevelopment.
Join a non-profit as a volunteer or even a board member. Boards love to have people who have business experience.

Pick a topic that interests you, and find a group or organization that shares your interest. That can be directly connected to your business or not. These organizations are looking for leaders like you. And the networking opportunities are endless. You’ll meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. You’ll connect with them in a joint effort that’s meaningful, which will help you form bonds you wouldn’t otherwise have. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there’s a place for you.

It’s really wise to expand your network beyond the obvious business connections. You just never know who can connect you to your next wonderful client or stream of income. We live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb says, and it can be scary because we don’t know what’s coming. We can empower ourselves in times like this by remembering that everything, everything begins locally. It begins person to person on a local level. You can influence how things unfold at that level. And the ripple effect of all of us taking positive action means we can collectively influence the future for the better. So I invite you to be the change you wish to see in the world. Is this your year to step up?

You have the opportunity, as business leaders, to be contributors to meaningful and positive change. You have the opportunity to have an impact, perhaps on a bigger scale than you’re ever considered. I invite you to look outside your business and see the tremendous opportunities for yourself and your business. And even beyond that: for the community and the larger world.

You matter. What you do matters. And what you contribute is a gift to us all.
To your success…
Ray Paolo

Jan 24 17

5 Marketing Trends

by Ray

No doubt, marketers always dive into the future to predict the next big trend that boosts their brand to the next level. You should shape your marketing strategies to keep them updated and healthy so they can work for your business. It is a little bit complex to understand but not impossible. It’s the end of the year and it’s high time to focus on your efforts. Plan something new and big for the upcoming year and these top 5 trends mentioned here help you in driving the future of marketing.

Mobile Will Hit A New Milestone: Yes, you heard it right, mobile is the new future of marketing that will allow you to expand your business and drive more sales and traffic. So, this year you should also shift your focus from screen to mobile to go to new heights in your business.

Content Will Remain King: Needless to say, Content is, was and will remain the king of marketing. It grabs the attention of search engines and visitors as well. In the coming year, you have to be more focused on quality content because this is the only thing that makes you successful.

Customer Experience Still Matters A Lot: No doubt, customers now have more options than ever before and driving them to your website totally depends upon their experience, which still matters a lot. So take a little bit of extra pain to provide the best customer experience, which holds them to your business for a longer time.

Social Media
Becomes The Next Internet: Nowadays, everyone is online and social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. If you want to get the ball in your court in the coming up year take the help of social media because it will give you the best results.

Brand Must Get Really Personal: Building a professional relationship with the customer is one thing and understanding their needs (and do your best to fulfill them) is another, so, you should focus on it. This year brand must get really personal; it can win the loyalty of the customer and give them a reason to get connected with you.

So, what are you waiting for?
New Year ha already to hit the door, so feature Articles, be ready with your marketing strategy to rule the world like a pro.
To your success,
Ray Paolo

Jan 9 17

E-Mail Marketing!!!

by Ray


Before the invention of the email marketing, postal marketing was in boom. People used to write letters and send them to people. As it was the only way of transport, people had to wait for a very long time to receive a reply. But in 1971, Raymond Samuel Tomlinson implemented the first email program to overcome the difficulties involved in the postal system. He sent emails to around 400+ people and experienced a huge sale from it. Thanks to Tomlinson for inventing a unique program.

1991 – Birth of the Internet
Though the evolution of the internet began in the early 1950’s, it wasn’t that popular. But in 1991, CERN was the first company to publicize a paper known as World Wide Web. Thus, this is actually considered the “birth” of the internet.
2000 – Effective utilization of mobiles
Earlier, they had to send emails only via computers or desktops. But, with the increase in the utilization of mobiles, they took this as the main aspect and were successful in utilizing these mobiles for opening emails. In 2012, over 40% of users opened their emails via their smart phones. And now, no need to mention it also, every one of us has a smart phone and use it for various other purposes.
Email marketing has been the most powerful tool in all the marketing campaigns. In fact, it is proven that 80% of your marketing success lies in these two words – “Email Marketing”. With this, they have also started using automation techniques to increase the click rates for the websites. In fact, they account for 80% increase in leads and 78% increase in conversions.
As email marketing is accompanied with the rise in technology, many marketing trends are booming today. Among them, we have tailored a few of them to help each individual marketer keep their brand stand high in this digital world.

1. Segmentation
Segmentation is a technique which is used to divide the B2B email lists into a section based on various parameters like demographics, age and many more. This can be done even at business level also. For doing this, there are so many automation tools available with which you can easily divide your mailing lists. Instead of creating separate emails for each segment, you can think of using dynamic emails which have the ability to perform all the tasks at one time. Use these emails and send them to thousands of people and experience the joy with the replies which your customers send.

2. Personalization
Personalization is nothing more tham sending emails to your customers. According to the survey, it is proven that personalized emails increase the revenue by 6 times (than what you were earning before). When this is the case, I guess every one of us should focus on sending these types of personalized emails. The more you send, the more likely that your customers see and the more likely you will get responses from them.

3. Customization
This is the most important thing that every marketer should know before starting their marketing campaigns. There are actually specific places where we have to put our brand logo, which color can impact on customers, and what kind of images should be used? Email customization plays an important role in attracting the customers. If you have an amazing email template and an attractive content, then this business is just made for you.


Email marketing is the life blood of the every marketer. This can be very beneficial and at the same time can bring huge loss also. Be careful with your marketing efforts and achieve success.
To your success…
Ray Paolo

Dec 13 16


by Ray

typing handsI have been asked this question dozens of times so I thought an actual post would end the issue:
If you are a regular user of Mozilla Firefox browser then you would have often seen windows that appear without your permission automatically. If you don’t know what the heck this is then we want to tell you that they are the pop-ups. Many times,Firefox users have complained to the Mozilla Firefox Customer Service about their inability to turn off the built-in pop-up blocker in their Mozilla Firefox browser. So, if you are having the same issue don’t feel tensed because after reading this article you will be able to fix this issue within a few minutes.
So, here are the troubleshooting steps mentioned below for which you were tired searching the whole Google and YouTube.
Firstly, the users have to launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on their PC.
After that, they have to click on the Horizontal ellipsis icon located on the top-right corner of the screen.
Then, they have to tap on the Options with a Settings icon from the displayed options.
After that, they have to click on the Content tab located on the top bar between the Search tab and the Applications tab.
Then, they will see a checkbox and a sentence in which Block popup windows is written on the very first line of that window.
They just have to click on the box to uncheck that option in order to turn off this frustrating pop-up blocker on their Mozilla Firefox browser.
If the users want certain particular websites protected from blocking by not enabling the pop-up blocker on them, then they should click on the Exceptions button located on the right corner and then enter the name of the desired websites.
In case, you are still facing some doubts or queries regarding the enabling and disabling of the pop-up then you can contact the Mozilla Firefox Technical Support.

Dec 6 16

Using The Best Tools For Internet Marketing – Profitable Tactics Unveiled

by Ray

aquariusAs a new Internet Marketer it’s tempting to try to do absolutely everything the long way and by yourself. You will feel like you have a lot of control over what is going on. But, running your business in this manner can be very time consuming. But why do things the hard way when there are resources that can get the job done faster? You really should not call these tools just shortcuts. They can help to operate your business more effectively. These are a few of the tools that you must utilize.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for keeping track of your statistics. It’s free, it is easy to use and it is remarkably easy to set up. If you’re not tracking your stats, you should start doing so. Your statistics are what will help you determine the success or failures of your project. This tool is vital for testing various approaches for your website and finding out which ones work best. Your hosting provider will track these numbers as well, but there is no better tool for this out there than Google Analytics.

There’s something you need to have before you can build a website or even choose a web hosting service. Every website needs to have a unique domain name. Some people don’t give much thought to who they register their domain with, but this is something worthy of consideration. You want to make sure that the registrar is secure. You need to make sure that the company philosophy is in line with your own. You need to make sure that they offer all of the services you need at the prices you can pay. Make your choice carefully as it’s important to your site’s security!

Do you feel qualified to do all of your own web design? Many online marketers make this choice to save money. But unless you’re a graphic designer, you’re really better off hiring an experienced web designer to do this for you. There are some services that make it easy enough to put up your own design. The advantage of having your site built by a pro is that it can have advanced features and a look all its own that you can’t get from doing it yourself (unless you have the skills). This is a cost that can be well worth it in the long run. If you like to control every aspect of your business, you may actually get satisfaction out of doing things the hard way. If, however, you want to run your business efficiently and stay competitive, sometimes you need to take advantage of helpful resources. Instead of allowing yourself to get bogged down in the tinier details of running your business, use these tools to help you save time and make your business run at a much smoother and rapid pace.
To your success…
Ray Paolo

Nov 18 16

An Autoresponder for Home Business

by Ray

Plug-DollarsignIf you’ve just started your online business or decided to get into affiliate marketing, you’ll be looking to make money. Making money on the net with your new business can be a little tricky, unless you have an autoresponder. An autoresponder is the ideal way to carry out your day to day business, saving yourself quite a bit of time and money

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are places on the Internet where you can get an autoresponder for free. Keep in mind that if you don’t purchase your autoresponder, the free ones normally come with downsides. The most common downside to free autoresponders are ads on your emails, which will more than likely send your customers the wrong idea.

When you get your autoresponder, the first thing you’ll need to do is set it up with messages or articles that relate to your business. This way, when you send out emails or messages, you’ll be sending out material that relates to your business or products. You should try to write some of your own if you can, which will help you get started in the right direction.

When you load up your autoresponder, you should try to load it with at least 52 messages. This way, you’ll have something to send for each week of the year. If you have trouble loading your autoresponder with this many messages or articles, there are places online where you can get your material for free. If you simply don’t have the time, you can always start with a few messages then go back and add more later.

Once you have your autoresponder preloaded with messages or articles, you’ll need to set up your signature. Your signature will be displayed at the bottom of every message your autoresponder sends, and should include your name and link to your business. You can also add a short description of your business as well, which will let clients or interested customers know a bit of information about your business. Your name and link to your business will go a long way, letting your customers know that you are professional.

Once you have everything set up, all you need to do is start sending out emails. Your autoresponder can be set up to send messages automatically. You can also send out emails daily, weekly, or monthly if you prefer. Almost all autoresponders are flexible, easy to use, and will send out your messages when you decide.

Once your subscriber list starts to build up, and you get more email addresses to your autoresponder, you’ll quickly see that it’s very beneficial. After you have used your autoresponder a few months, you won’t be able to imagine your business without it.
To your success,
Ray Paolo

Nov 9 16

Be Prepared When Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

by Ray

success_reasonably_smallBefore you actually start working your Affiliate Marketing business there are a few things you need to consider and work out beforehand and, in doing so, you will considerably increase your chances of having success online.

What you need to consider

1) How Much Spare Time Do You Have? Now unless you are lucky enough to begin your business full time and don’t have any kids or other commitments going on then you need to work out a weekly schedule and time that you can put aside solely to work your business.

Know when you will be free to focus solely on building and running your affiliate business and when you will not be disturbed by others and then stick to this schedule.

2) Where Will You Work? Most probably you will be working your business most of the time from home but where exactly will this be. Are you lucky enough to have an office space or will it be in the corner of the kitchen.

Find a place where you can work undisturbed for most of the time.

3) Family Support. Now this one is not essential but it is certainly nice if you have the support of your family. Let them know that you are starting an Affiliate Marketing business and tell them a bit about how it all works.

Getting your family onside at the very start will make things easier as you progress and it will make them feel apart of it and who knows perhaps they may even want to help you.

4) How Much Do You Want To Earn? Get clear on what your income targets are. Know what you want to be earning after 3months, 6months and 1year.

If you exceed your expectations after 3 months then just revise the rest of the year but if you do not start off by knowing what you want to earn then you will never know if you are on track.

5) Know Your “Why”. When you start an Affiliate Marketing business or any other business for that matter you need to know WHY you are doing it. You need to know why you are are getting up earlier or working later or not going out this weekend.

Your “WHY” could be you want to be able to afford to put your kids in private school. Perhaps you want to be able to leave your job and work from home. Maybe your “WHY” is to retire your partner from that job he or she hates or take your whole family on a dream holiday.

Knowing your “why” will keep you going when you feel like giving up. Your “why” will help you get up earlier to work your business or when you are working late.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking your “Why” is just money, yes we all want more money but what is this money for?
To your success
Ray Paolo

Nov 2 16

3 Signs You Might Need to Hire an eCommerce Design Company

by Ray

httpwwwMaybe you’ve been seeing your bounce rate climb, and your conversion rate descend. It might be time to hire an Ecommerce Design Company to refresh your look. Look out for these sure-fire signs that your site needs a facelift or a complete redesign. It’s Been a Couple Years Since You Changed Anything
As perfect as your design was when it was new, nothing lasts forever, especially websites. Your phone, your laptop, your TV are all obsolete after a few years. So too, with your eCommerce site. Even if you don’t get a full redesign, you can keep things fresh by updating piecemeal, a header here and a menu there, whenever you get the chance.
You’ve Noticed Certain Metrics are Moving in Unfavorable Directions: Your Google Analytics page is packed to the gills with info. Unfortunately, all those numbers and graphs don’t come with instructions on what to do about them. Here are a few metrics that might mean it’s time to hire an eCommerce design company:
Bounce Rate: Your bounce rate describes how many visitors are finding your site, but then leaving immediately before exploring further. If you see you bounce rate is high and increasing you know that potential customers are finding your site, but being turned off by what they see when they get there. A high bounce rate is a sure-fire way to tell that it’s redesign time.
Conversion Rate: The almighty eCommerce statistic. A declining conversion rate can mean a number of things, one of which is that your site isn’t inspiring trust. An eCommerce customer needs to trust you with their credit card info, and that’s a big ask. If your design is shabby, customers might see your company as small-time or fly-by-night. A nice design makes your eCommerce company look reputable and trustworthy.Your Competitors are Leaving You Behind.
As Matt Damon said in Rounders, “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, you are the sucker.” The same goes with your eCommerce site. If you look around at the sites of your closest competitors, and you don’t see a site that looks less professional, and less modern than yours, you have a problem. Your competitors are leaving you behind, and converting the customers that are making up your bounce rate. You need to hire an eCommerce design company to put your business back into the race.
This can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if one or more of the above signs sounded familiar to you. But the occasional redesign is just one of the realities of the eCommerce business. There are a ton of reasonable and talented eCommerce design companies out there to help you out. Just GOOGLE Ecommerce Design Companies to find your fit!!
To your success,
Ray Paolo

Oct 21 16


by Ray

blogprofits_reportUndoubtedly, Guest Blogging is very popular these days. It is a simple method, which is used by millions of bloggers all around the world to increase their blog traffic and visibility. It provides a fresh voice to your post and attracts many visitors to it. Nowadays, it plays an important role in promotion, driving traffic, building a reputation, and it allows you to get connected with more and more customers. It allows you to spread your wings and fly as high as possible even with cut-throat competition. It has countless benefits to offer for your business which you cannot overlook. Properly executed, guest blogging can help you.

Capture A Wider Audience: No doubt, SEO, and internet marketing help you to generate traffic for your website, but when it comes to organic traffic, then there is no better alternative available over the World Wide Web than the Guest Blogging. It can do wonders for your business and promote it at a higher level to increase the traffic to your website with a better conversion rate.

Build More Professional Relationships: Needless to say, guest blogging is the best ways to get interaction with a new audience, which helps to make a more professional relationship. Getting connected with a wider audience will open the door of opportunities for your business. It increases your credibility in the marketpace and promotes your business.

Get Quality Links: A website has no value if it doesn’t have quality links. It not only helps to increase your reputation but also helps the search engines crawl your website easily. Guest Blogging helps you to generate more quality links for your website which helps in promoting and expanding your business.

Improve Writing Skills: No doubt, practice makes perfect. It is one of the most popular idioms we hear and it is correct in its own way. Guest blogging will allow you to get connected with new bloggers that help you understand what points you need to give special attention; resulting in improving your writing skills.

Know What Your Readers Think Of You: Guest blogging helps you understand what your readers think about you. This may help you understand what they expect from you and how you can successfully fulfill their demands. It opens up the doors for business opportunities and therefore, you should give a try to this most popular way of promotion.

In conclusion, it is clear Guest Blogging plays a significant role in your promotion and therefore you should use it in your marketing strategy to get better results.
To your success…
Ray Paolo